Works in Progress:

  1. “Optimal Platform Liability with Malicious Attackers: the Role of Competition” (draft available on request)

  2. “Market Concentration, Networks, and Cybersecurity Risk” (slides)

  3. “Tragedy of the Phishers: Competitive Attackers and Vulnerability Disclosure”


  1. ``Why is Inflation Low Globally?'' with Òscar Jordà, Fernanda Nechio, and Eric Tallman. FRBSF Economic Letter. FRBSF Economic Letter 2019-19.

  2. ``Inflation: Stress-Testing the Phillips Curve'' with Òscar Jordà, Fernanda Nechio, and Eric Tallman. 2019. FRBSF Economic Letter 2019-05.

  3. ``Does Ultra-Low Unemployment Spur Rapid Wage Growth?'' with Sylvain Leduc and Dan Wilson. 2019. FRBSF Economic Letter 2019-02.

  4. ``Credibility and Conformity: The Effect of the Yelp Elite'' Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal, Fall 2017. Winner, 2017 Statistics and Machine Learning Undergraduate Prize.

Public Goods:

  1. NielsenReader: reads in and facilitates easy (and super fast!) processing of the Kilts Center's Nielsen IQ Data.

  2. Local Projections for Stata: ado file for Stata prepared for Òscar Jordà

Unpublished Manuscripts:

  1. ``Planned Obsolescence: Examining Dynamic Consumer Preferences for Durability and Novelty,'' Princeton University Senior Thesis advised by Jakub Kastl. Available upon request or via the Princeton University Library.